[8] Song L, Xu J, Chingin K, et al. Rapid Identification of Meat Species by the Internal Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Hemoglobin Selectively Captured on Functionalized Graphene Oxide[J]. Journal of Agricultural & Food
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Hemoglobin (Hb) present in the blood and meat 21 juice samples was selectively adsorbed by graphene oxide (GO) particles functionalized with amylopectin (AP) and was sensitively detected by the direct internal extractive electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (iEESI-MS) analysis for the identification of meat type. Various samples including the whole blood samples of chicken, duck, sheep, mouse, pigeon, turtledove and meat juice mixtures were successfully identified based on the difference in molecular composition of Hb reflected in MS. The adulteration of sheep blood with only 2% chicken blood could be detected, which demonstrated the high
29 chemical specificity of the approach. The established method is featured by the high speed of analysis (4 min per sample, including the analyte extraction and sample loading), high sensitivity, minimal sample preparation and low sample consumption (0.9 μL whole blood or 300 mg raw meat). In perspective, the reported method can be
extended for the sensitive detection of trace analytes in complex matrices in broad molecular range by using the selective enrichment on functionalized graphene oxide particles followed by iEESI-MS analysis.


 Internal extractive electrospray ionization, mass spectrometry, meat species, hemoglobin, functionalized graphene oxide

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